"I know she’ll be in good hands."




#oh man but the way she just grabs him and pulls him in the door #’c’mere mister’ #’mine’ #he never stood a chance #he was always gonna belong to Rose from the very beginning  (via spookyknight)

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Not like that
Twelve. (aka ask politely)

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  • <b> Journey:</b> It's smaller on the outside.<p><b>Doctor:</b> It's a bit exciting when you go the other way.<p>

Wow! A molecular nanoscaner!

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Interesting fact:

The BBC series Doctor Who ended in 2010. It was replaced by a show called Doctor Who Cares Now That Steven Moffat’s in Charge. The title of the latter show is often shortened for the sake of brevity. This has caused much confusion amongst viewers with many believing that the two series are one and the same.


I’m going to go play with my grenades.

Getting ready for the new season of Doctor Who with my favorite potato.

Colors Used:

Sinful Colors- Most Sinful, Beige Of Honor, Graine De Poivre, Nirvana, Leap Flog, Beau Khaki, Seaweed, Mauvelous, Black On Black

OPI- Alpine Snow, Matte top coat

Urban Outfitters- La Luna


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Anonymous asked:
Have you heard about Peter Capaldi refusing to act a romantic relationship with Clara? Do you think he'll do well, or be smothered by Moffat?


From what I’ve gathered, Peter Capaldi is a huge fan of Doctor Who that pretended to be a huge Moffat stan until he’d signed an airtight contract, at which point he revealed he hates the direction Moffat was taking the show he loves, plans to systematically undo it to the best of his ability, has been openly mocking and refusing the participate in parts of the script he doesn’t think are true to the character, and insisting that they “won’t chase him off this show,” which is basically saying “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us.”

I think the new season of Doctor Who is going to be glorious.